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Darby a bernedoodle from Snookerdoodle Bernedoodles

About Us


Welcome to Snookderdoodle bernedoodles. We breed traditional and multicolor bernedoodles in southwest Colorado. Our Momma dogs are members of our family and enjoy ranch life,  car rides and are raised in our home as members of the family.  Our babies take over our living room as the grow and have exposure to cats, other dogs, children and horses.  We have a large backyard and our puppies are not raised in a kennel situation.  We are passionate about our pups and strongly feel that dogs are extended family.  All of the male dogs we choose are family pets as well as we don't promote kennel living in our breeding ethics. Please feel free to ask any questions and we look forward to helping you find your next furry friend.

Meet the 

Jellystone Park litter

Two males and one female born on May 17th

All babies are healthy and adorable with their personalities shinning through even at two weeks old.


Yogi Bear

Tri colored merle male

wavy haircoat


Cindy Bear

Blonde merle female

wavy haircoat


Boo-boo Bear

Black and white tri colored male

wavy haircoat

Our moms 


Poppy is an AKC registered brown phantom standard poodle

Our sweet girl stands 24 inches tall and is 45 pounds. She is health tested and clear for genetic diseases through Embark. She is very athletic and extremely smart. Poppy adjusts to new situations well and goes many places with us. She is friendly but not in your face and has the best prance. We love her to pieces.



Oakley is out of Poppy and is a tri colored bernedoodle

Our girl stands 24 inches tall and is 48 pounds. She is health tested and clear for genetic diseases through Embark. This girl is the most athletic dog we have ever owned. She loves car rides and is very intuitive with people. She is definitely a lap dog. She loves being with her people and wants to be included in all activities. She sleeps on the bed and loves to be touching you. She is also calm and relaxed and makes us smile everyday. She lives with us.

Litter plans for 2024

Poppy will be bred in the summer for standard bernedoodles

Silverbeige phantom standard poodle

Meet Odin. He is an outside stud and this will be our first time using him. He is health tested and passed his OFA hips and elbows. He weighs 88 pounds and has a wonderful temperament. He is owned by Huckleberry Doodles in Arizona. This pairing will produce traditional tri colored and phantom F1 standard bernedoodles.

      Litter planned for 2024

      Oakley X Bennington      spring 2024

We had three babies born on May 17th.


Benny is a hunk and has the best personality. This will be a repeat breeding for us because we were so happy with the previous litter from him. He produces amazing color as well as the sweetest puppies.  

Our last litter produced a rainbow of colors and sizes. The pups should be between 35-55 pounds and have amazing coats. 

Past puppies

Next steps if you are interested in a puppy

  1. Please browse the website and get to know us a bit.

  2. Fill out the form at the bottom of the website.

  3. We will be in touch the same day to answer any questions.

  4. Place a deposit to get on our choosing list. 


Bayfield, Colorado

What you can expect from us....
bernedoodle puppy in colorado

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Anatole France

2024 Spring litter choosing list

1.  Natalie H       Cindy bear female




Pet price without breeding rights. Full payment is due when puppies go home between 8-9 weeks. Puppies will come with first set of shots and deworming along with a  health check from our veterinarian.  Daily videos and photos will be posted on facebook and you will know the babies well before you have to make your choice

$500 Deposit 

The deposit is applied to the final price

Once we recieve your deposit we will add you to our waitlist, pups are picked in order of our list at 6 weeks old

Oakley our sweet bernedoodle puppy

A bernedoodle is a cross between a poodle and a bernese mountain dog and are sweet and loving family pets. This cross combines the loving and loyal bernese traits with the intelligence and athleticism of the poodle. They are unmistakably teddy bear like with gorgeous trademark wavy/curly coats and can come in a variety of colors.  Bernedoodles love to spend time with people and do best if they are treated as one of the family living as inside dogs with plenty of outside space to roam or daily walks. They do require grooming every 6-8 weeks, but are low to non shedding. This combination has been around since 2003 and becoming very popular. once you are around one you will fall in love. 

Nappping 4 week old puppies from 2021. 

Our sweet Poppy as a baby Standard Poodle

We strive to produce healthy and social puppies that will make great family pets. Their cuteness is an added bonus.

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Bayfield, Colorado


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