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The Coffee litter

Poppy and Stash

Past babies of 2022, all pups have found their homes



She is extremely smart and sweet and we call her an old soul. This pup loves kids and will fall asleep in your arms almost every time we hold her. With smartness comes the need for extra learning. She would excel with puppy school and her brain would appreciate it :). She is our most poodle looking pup and will have a curly coat. Latte is a crowd favorite when people come to visit and the kids love her!



This sweet boy loves to cuddle and is one of the first pups to find your lap. He is comfortable just soaking up the love. Mac has a  laid back disposition and loves all of his litter mates! He is one of the bigger puppies and has an amazing wavy/curly coat that is so soft. He loves children and being handled and would do well learning new things and going to puppy school. This boy would really love to be with a person or family that is around a lot. We love to kiss and love on this boy. 



This is one sweet little lady. She is confident and calm. Cappuccino loves snuggles and is comfortable being in your arms. She loves exploring and is one of the pups that hardly makes a ruckus, always in on the action but quietly. She enjoys being held by kids and they just love her! She would welcome puppy school and being an active part of the family.  Her coat is ultra soft and wavy and her colors are really changing. We love her. 



This boy has the best eyes. He is so so snuggly and mellow! He loves to watch before he dives in but loves to adventure with his litter-mates. Kids love to hold him because he will just stay in your arms forever. Definitely a milder disposition but would do great learning new things and attending puppy school. This boy is big and his coat is amazing. He will be more on the curly side. Ice is a special boy and we so enjoy him. 



Hello handsome. This boy is a love bug. It seems like every time we look up he is watching you. He is a sweet as can be and loves snuggle time with everyone. Mocha is confident and outgoing and loves outside time with his litter-mates and would be successful going to puppy school. He is good with kids and enjoys being handled. His coat is going to be more curly and is amazingly soft. We love this dense stocky little man! 



What a doll this young lady is. She is strong and confident and rules the roost in a very nice way. This girl enjoys being held and talked to. She is bold outside and is one of the first to explore new adventures with her litter-mates right behind her. Puppy school would make this lady happy and she is sure to excel. She enjoys kids and loves to sit and look into your eyes. Her coat is wavy/curly and ultra soft. She loves tummy rubs and we love to give them to her! 

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